Pear Up!

Pear Cider is here!
NVCider_Bottle_Labels_Front_500ml_PearEssential-01100% Pear • Gluten Free • Vegan Friendly • No Added Refined Sugar

We are happy to welcome Pear Up! cider to Boise.

The East Wenatchee cidery was started by two brothers, Kevin and Mark Van Reenen, who wanted to make something of their grandfather’s hobby orchard when the pears it produced were no longer profitable.

The idea for cider struck him during a trip to London.

“What I found over there was something I didn’t find anywhere here in the U.S., which was actual fermented pear,” Van Reenen said. “When you have pear cider here in the states, the definition is apple cider with pear flavoring. But they actually had perry over there, which made a supreme amount of sense to me, because I grew up in a pear orchard.”

Van Reenen is quick to differentiate perry from pear apple cider. Most “pear ciders” in the U.S. are apple ciders flavored or sweetened with pears. Actual perry, which is all Pear Up produces, uses pears in place of apples.

1510004366491As one of the first cideries in the country to focus solely on pear, Pear UP pioneered the low sugar, flavor-forward alternative offering blends that are perfect for enjoying anytime from a hot day out on the boat to a fire-side winter huddle.