Looking for a Radler?  

Astra Grapefruit Radler is in town!

Less sweet than the Radlers currently in our market this Radler is cool and refreshing and perfect for summer! beer_336939

From Germany’s cult brand Astra comes our new Astra Grapefruit Radler. Made with 5% real grapefruit juice it tastes just like fresh grapefruit and its low ABV makes it the perfect summer thirst quencher. It is a blend of 60% grapefruit soda and 40% beer that is made in accordance with the German purity law. Enjoy it straight from the can, over ice or use it as a mixer, straw optional.

AstraNWSB is also bringing Atras Premium Bier to Boise. Try it you will LOVE it.

Astra Premium Bier has a unique German character that is honest, authentic and flavorful. Of course, Astra is brewed under German purity law so it contains only malt, water, hops, yeast and love.